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Want to Play College Basketball?

Trutanic Athletics Mission

Trutanic Athletics is a non profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to teach and develop athletes through the game of basketball.  We possess a passion for teaching the game of basketball to athletes that have a strong desire and work ethic to improve their skills from the ground up.  Our primary focus is on player development, and facilitate exposure to college coaches.


We will have try-outs in late February or early March.  We will be located in South Orange County (Location TBD).


  • We have coached at the Division 1, 2, and 3 levels, and have connections with those college coaches.  
  • We understand the recruitment process at each different college level, as well as what it takes for student athletes to have a successful collegiate career.
  • We focus on basketball, athletic, individual, and social development.
  • Practices are structured with college like detail, including rehab work, band work for ACL injury prevention, SAQ, conditioning, and film sessions.
  • Skill development will focus on making players position less.
  • Athletes will understand the in's and out's of college basketball.

Mario Trutanic, Jr Owner

Trutanic Athletics

Phone: 424-259-0752